Week 18: pilates and GBS

Happy Fathers’ Day weekend!  Hubby has been thinking more about his pending fatherhood. Pray that the start of our parenting journey together will be filled with joyful (and not too anxious!) preparation…

Second trimester blood test results came back normal for the baby – hooray! I was diagnosed with Group B strep early on during the placenta tear scare so will follow up with the doc at our next checkup on this. I’ve finished the course of oral antibiotics so far, though we’ve also talked about another round via IV during labor.  Meanwhile, work has been keeping me busy and the rains (and nearby floods!) have kept me indoors, so prenatal pilates is proving to be my only regular exercise these days.  Rather enjoying the “support group” so far.

Food of the week: Tie between apple pork ribs soup and beef brisket claypot – served home-style at Manhill Restaurant in the company of good friends.

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