Week 26: Checking the checklists

The maternity checklists available these days give me a (temporary?) sense of sanity and progress about our baby/parent preparations, esp. with the pending 3rd trimester.  Time flies!  This week, I discovered a comprehensive pregnancy checklist from The Bump — part of the same umbrella site we used for our wedding 6+ years ago, The Knot. Pretty cool.

Notable checks for this week:

  1. Long term visit pass for parents – Application sent and under review.
  2. Accomodation for parents – Rental bid accepted. Letter of Intent received.
  3. Baby crib and mattress – Thanks, Kenny! 
  4. Newborn suits/hats/mits/booties/bibs/sleeping bags/blankets – Yay for friends, Mothercare and Kiddy Palace
  5. Upsized exercise tops, dresses and work pants – Sales at Vivocity, Novena and Marina Square 🙂
  6. Little one is ACTIVE.  Hmm… many sleepless nights and days ahead?

Our hospital antenatal class just finished part 1 of physiotherapy with the highlight being the massage section. Hubby now knows how to give great back massages. No more excuses 😉  Also, I have somehow developed the biggest bump in my prenatal pilates class.  How did this happen?!


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