Week 27: Old Wives Tales

Evidently, they’re right so far about me and the little one!  Then again, it’s a 50/50 probability, eh?

  1. Linea Nigra (belly line pigmentation due to hormones):  Pubic to belly button only – Girl. Pubic all the way to lower rib – Boy.  Verdict:  Boy
  2. Carrying position (own body, baby’s position):  High, sideways (weight around hip and bum) – Girl. Low, front – Boy.  Verdict: Boy
  3. Mom’s skin: Soft – Girl. Dry – Boy.  Verdict: Boy
  4. Mom’s hair: Thin/Dull – Girl.  Full/glossy – Boy.  Verdict: Boy (but my hair’s always like this!)
  5. Food craving: Sweet – Girl. Sour/Salty/Proteins – Boy. Verdict: Boy (again though, that’s my preference too)
  6. Early morning sickness:  Yes/Bad – Girl. No/OK – Boy. Verdict: Boy
  7. Feet vs pre-pregnancy:  Same – Girl.  Colder – Boy.  Verdict: Boy 
  8. Baby’s heartrate (changes by baby’s age and movement): Above 140 bpm – Girl.  Below 140 bpm – Boy. Verdict: N/A. (Between 120-160 bpm is good)
  9. Math: Time of conception + Number of month conceived: Odd – Girl. Even – Boy. Verdict: ?!
  10. Movement of (dangled) wedding ring over belly: Pendulum – Girl. Circles – Boy. Verdict: ?!


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