Month 2 Week 4: 2 month check up

We were eagerly awaiting his two month check up to find out how he’s doing and get all our random questions answered like “Does he dream?” He’s now 5 kg, 57 cm long with a 39.5 cm head circumference – all growing well 8 weeks from birth.  While there’s various average newborn growth estimates and developmental milestones, the important thing is he’s on track on the key areas so mama, dada and doc are pleased!

Mommy lessons:

  1. Momzilla appears when your kid’s in pain: B caught a mild fever after his first 6-in-1 immunisation jab, and I had this overwhelming urge to provide him with security, comfort and as much milk as he needed.  He was down when our helper had the day off, hubby was at work and grandparents were out but thankfully the fever subsided within 24 hours and both mom and babe are back to normal.  Note to self: Make sure someone else is around to help after the next month four jab!
  2. Six states of baby consciousness: Newborns sleep up to 16 hours a day though it hardly feels like it.  Also, identifying which state B is in really helps us know what to do with him and when:  Fussiness, crying (argh – try the 5S!), deep sleep, which alternates every 30 mins with light/REM sleep, drowsiness, active alert (perfect for activities involving objects and his surroundings, usually before he eats or gets fussy) and quiet alert (perfect for 1-1 interaction)
  3. Babywearing: We took him out ourselves with both the Boba wrap (mama) and Manduca carrier (dada) and he was so cosy inside that he fell asleep for almost 4 hours.  As he grows, we’ll hopefully be more confident using them given their greater mobility and intimacy vs the stroller.  I still find that they cause him (and the wearer) to sweat A LOT though so it’s not for all occasions.

Baby milestones:

  1. Water is fun:  After the first month, B suddenly loves a warm bath, face wash and body massage.  At first I thought it was a fluke, but no– he smiles and coos at me when I do it and misses it if we have to skip or forget.  He’s still a bit cranky when dada takes over on weekends, but I think that’s just a matter of familiarity. We’ll make a swimmer out of him yet. Up next: Baby SPA?
  2. Bottle feeding: I switched from exclusive breastfeeding to expressing breastmilk with the occasional formula supplement after six weeks.  It was a practical yet bittersweet decision as I was almost nursing non-stop by then and wanted to get him ready for when I returned to work.  B’s taken really well to the bottle and has graduated to the “big bottle” as he drinks more than 150+ ml (~5 oz) now.  I take heart that he’s getting what he needs to grow, other caregivers get to bond with him more and mama can give her aching boobs a break (and gradually transition back to work too).  With the bottle, B inadvertently swallows more air so we’ve all become burp masters – apply pressure to his tummy and rub his back while sitting him upright, tummy down on your lap, leaning against your shoulder/chest, setc.
  3. Social butterfly:  He’s quite a talker now when you catch him at the right time and is fantastic with crowds, much to our surprise – be it family dinners, church services and of course, his first month celebration.  The only place where he’s consistently fussy is unfortunately at the pediatrician’s — so I’m sure we’re gaining quite a reputation as horrible parents there 😉

2 thoughts on “Month 2 Week 4: 2 month check up”

  1. Love this!

    I'm still trying to breastfeed exclusively, but it's very tough (and PAINFUL!!). I only produce so much in the 20min per side time period allotted by the pediatrician and it's not enough for her. One of my boobs is giving much less. =( She's already taking over 3oz by bottle per sitting and I dont think I give her that much in a breastfeeding session. Sigh. I think we'll be supplementing with formula all throughout. However, seeing as how I couldnt breastfeed my older daughter AT ALL, I consider this a victory.

    Did you see my Giveaway on my blog?


  2. It's tough! I didn't limit how long B nursed – he'd go up to 1-1.5 hours before he was satisfied vs pumping 30 mins for 3 oz/3 hrs back when he was 6 weeks old. Multiply that 10-12 times a day and I really questioned how well I was able to truly bond with him and maintain my health (and sanity!) if I kept this up.

    PS Huge kudos to you on your successful VBAC!


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