Month 1 milestones

J turns one month today!

He can:
Lift head briefly at tummy time
Focus on faces and objects within arms length
Bring hands to face, swat away things
Respond to loud noises (哥哥 at home and the MRT construction outside!)
Coo, gurgle, louder cries (from 😴 to 😫)
Move head and rotate body 180
Recognise familiar voices, curious about new ones
Calm down with the 5S’s – swaddling, singing, gentle shushing, swinging (Read Harvey Karp’s approach in “The Happiest Baby On the Block” if you’re curious to know more, it worked for both our boys!)
Sleep for 2-3 hours, but sometimes wants to drink every hour given his low birth weight (mama hopes he will catch up soon…!)

Meanwhile, the cycle continues 😭🥺🍼💩😚😴

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