Happy half birthday!

“All I want for Christmas is you…”

Baby J turned 6 months on Christmas Eve. We are so thankful to finally complete the adoption order and register his new birth certificate earlier this week! We were told this was a fast turnaround time, even though it felt like such a long process. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the other waiting and hopeful adoptive couples on this journey — we feel you, dear friends! ❤️

Other highlights:

  • He’s been loving the explosion of new tastes so far as we introduce solids 3x a day
  • He drinks milk and some water from his sippy cup
  • He comforts himself with an assortment of teethers, towels, his trusty thumbs, and oddly, wet wipes
  • He enjoys his sound books, playing peekaboo, finger songs and balls
  • His babbles are sounding more like speech, and he says a very clear and loud “MAAAAA!” when he’s really needy (hungry or wants to be held 😂 )
  • He rolls both ways, pulls up on his cot sides, scoots backwards … I see an active few months ahead!
  • He’s now 90% in height and weight at 68 cm and 9.05 kg 💪

We love you so much darling J! 💕

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