Who Am I?

Phuket 2013

After trying for a baby for almost two years, our effort became a lot less romantic and a lot more scientific over time. Fertility checks were done, ovulation kits used, assisted treatment and even adoption options explored. After six and a half years of a dual income no kids life, we conceived – naturally. Hence: Finally, mama!

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Here are snapshots of my journey in raising a family while releasing it all to God through each season of work and life. I started this journal when I was pregnant with #1 aka B (born November 2011) and working full time. After maternity leave, I returned to find that a major company reorganisation was underway. Faced with the option of relocating or resigning, I left after being in the corporate world for over a decade. I initially had a rollercoaster time as an (unplanned) stay-at-home-mom, dealing with the loss of my “career identity” and the onslaught of my “mama identity” with its first time challenges (i.e. being a sleep-deprived breastfeeding cow) while the hubby was away frequently for work. Eventually, I learned to cherish those precious early years with my son and look upon that time as a blessing in disguise, a time of growth, bonding and new friendships for both of us.  For 3 years, I split my time as a mumpreneur – caring for B and my parents, managing the household, developing The Whiz Times (an online media portal for kids under 12, launched October 2012) and CRIB (a social enterprise by and for women entrepreneurs, launched September 2014).  I am now back to working full time – there and back again!

Along the way, I’ve been encouraged by those who have gone before me or are journeying together, and hope that I can in turn support others with this blog. For now, the blog will focus on my parenting journey with emphasis on a working mother’s insights, places to visit and ways to build interest in books, music, art and Chinese with kids.

Oh, and we’re still trying for #2. All in God’s timing! Trust His heart.

For updates, reviews and more, like me at Finally Mama on Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

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Raising a family while releasing it all to God through each season of work and life

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