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Week 16a

We’re off to Langkawi to celebrate our 6th anniversary and expose our little one to Malaysia, truly Asia 🙂

Can’t wait to reap the rewards of our first baby-related shopping last weekend – comfy tops and dresses, plus storage bins for the wardrobe I can’t fit in anymore which will help clear space for all the new baby stuff to come. Here’s my WIP first-time checklist, culled from various sources ( Mothercare,, etc.). Any recs on where to buy or borrow, do let me know!

  1. Infant car seat (best models recline when detached, allow the baby to rock or bounce)
  2. Wearable soft carrier (slings make nursing easier – kampung style!)
  3. Crib light
  4. Cot, mattress and bedding
  5. Changing mat
  6. Extra pull out bed (for storage, convertible into a kids bed)
  7. Baby sleeping bag or blanket
  8. Baby swing
  9. Diapers, diaper disposal method and diaper ointment (loads and loads of nappies!)
  10. Baby bathtub and tub seat
  11. Baby toiletries (hooded towels, baby shampoos, infant nail clippers, soft hairbrush)
  12. First baby clothes
  13. First baby toys and toy bar
  14. Baby listening monitor
  15. Feeding equipment (bottles, steriliser)
  16. Stroller (for later)
  17. High chair (for later)

Week 15b: Down under

Back from Sydney – brrr, it’s colder than I thought! We braved the rain to walk down Market St, eat at Darling Harbour and catch a ferry ride to Manly. I’m also starting to show but not enough to benefit from “royal treatment” 😦 Some friends now guess I’m pregnant, including a few colleagues, most ang mos still find me Asian thin and my flight co-passengers were clueless when I couldn’t lift up my carry-on suitcase. Hmmph. That said, thank you, SIA Singapore Girls.

Look forward to our anniversary retreat next weekend. Also really miss the parents, thought of swinging by our Penang home to visit for a few days but our schedule seems too tight. Counting down the days when they return in a few months.

Back to my weekly home soup routine. Now cooking: 红豆汤 – Red bean soup.

Week 15A: A visit from the parents

This week just flew by. Work, dinner with parents, rinse, repeat. Turned down an exec ed director training course in China/USA because the dates are too late in the pregnancy. No luck taking leave this week with all the developments at work though I managed to bring parents to a mid-week evening show of Shakespeare in the Park – Macbeth. Kudos to the Singapore Repertory Theatre cast … and dad for staying awake the whole time! 😉 Flying out to Australia next week. Hope all goes well!

Soup of the week: 花生汤 – Skinless peanut soup. Family favourite though hubby can’t drink it without 油条 – crispy fried (and oily) “breadsticks”!

Week 14: Pampering the parents

Brought the whole family here to see the Lion King musical last night — the kids running around made me rather wistful, on top of mom’s last week coming up. Also still recovering from a cold which I caught from work, hope to kick it completely over the weekend. On a lighter note, trying to cook/eat at least one homemade soup every week of the pregnancy through confinement.

Up next:
黑豆汤 Black bean pork ribs soup with red dates. Excellent source of protein+fiber+iron+antioxidants. Mom insists I MUST add soya sauce, not just salt — to do grandma’s recipe justice. I think it’s the aging taste buds. Heh.

Week 13: It’s going to be a


Nuchal scan at this week’s regular ultrasound check came out normal, far below 2.5mm, so we opted not to pursue further tests. Also spotted a little stub between the legs — looks like we could have a boy! Signed up for the hospital’s antenatal package till delivery as well as prenatal pilates classes. Doc also cleared me for travel – so we’re going ahead with my work trip and our anniversary plans.

Mom’s been with us for over a week now. Homecooked dinners after work = Yum!

Week 12: Too much

Midweek lunch chat proved TMI as colleagues shared about friends whose baby fetal hearts stopped beating past the first trimester. Seriously people, there are some things pregnant moms don’t want to hear about — unless necessary.

Later that week, turned down one job offer but got offered another with less travel and operational work and more team management and coaching. Thoughts are scattered. In quiet moments, remind self to think positive, enjoy the present, look forward to the future and trust God to take care of everything in between.

Week 11: Goodbye nausea, hello cravings

Worst of the nausea has subsided despite the exhausting work week. Need regular meals and frequent snacks else I’ll wake up hungry esp. at ungodly hours, get queasy or dizzy. Sugar cravings kicking in: Yogurt. Beans. Ice Cream! Feel like a cookie monster.

Immensely relieved it’s the long Easter weekend and parents visiting next Friday. Also, hosting a friend’s farewell BBQ which could turn into an outdoors board games night this Saturday. Fun.