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Week 24: Pregnancy insomnia?

I don’t need an alarm clock. Baby’s moving regularly and I’m turning every 4-5 hours each night. Unfortunately when I’m up, it’s tough to get back down, esp. when the hubby’s snores seem louder than ever now and my mind is on overdrive. While some might say this is good practice for the sleepless months after birth, I say, noooo…. shouldn’t I be getting as many zzzzs as I can NOW?

So… in my quest to go back to sleep, here’s my insomnia-induced blog post:

1) Go to bed drowsy – bedtime snacks, warm showers, mindless reading/surfing
2) Avoid caffeine/lots of water/exercise/too heavy or spicy meals in the evening
3) No serious discussions before or in bed with the hubby (!)
4) Jot down thoughts and to-dos (think wand and Pensieve)
5) Relax, do Kegels or pray before sleeping
6) Regulate your sleep and wake cycle
7) Keep the bedroom cool and ambient – no bright lights, TV or laptop
8) Get up if none of the above works and blog 🙂