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Week 33: Nesting


  • First baby laundry.  Gosh, those booties and mitts are soo tiny!  Need more clothes pegs.
  • Hospital bag packed. Call it paranoia or intuition, I still expect to deliver early…
  • Helper’s room cleared out (almost).  House will be clean again this Sat onwards. Yaay.
  • Confinement catering ordered.  Better stock up on other food before I go all home-cooked Chinese!
  • Baby’s hyperactive just before it rains heavily at dawn.  Awesome little weather man.


  • Fluid retention, mainly in my hands. Last time I got carpal tunnel was years ago when I played the cello …. this time, my fingers are so swollen I can’t even remove my ring.
  • IKEA left out 2 screws.  Gotta wait to enjoy that Poang armchair and set up nursery.
  • Major reorg at work.  Worried about my team while I’m gone.
  • Hot mama!  First time my body temp’s higher than hubby’s.  Thank God it’s been relatively cool (and wet) lately.
  • Baby’s hyperactivity while reassuring, wakes me at ungodly hours!