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Week 36: Gimme my coconut!

I was just wondering if I’ll develop any more cravings in this last home stretch.  In the first trimester, it was tuna/sardines (and that one time near midnight where I HAD to have McD’s Filet-O-Fish!).  This gave way in the second trimester to milkshakes – ideally fruit or if I felt indulgent, ice cream (esp. B&Js).  And now in my 9th month, it’s coconuts! It basically started at a work meeting when our discussion moved from logistics to babies and how coconuts are great for pregnancy.  Since then, I’ve had this urge to drink coconut water every day and irony of ironies in tropical Singapore, fresh coconut juice is suddenly hard to find, even at the nearby hawkers center which has almost every single fruit  BUT young coconut!  Anybody with good suggestions on where to go?

ETA: Monday after I posted this, we found heaps of *very* young Thai coconuts at our nearby supermarket. Yaay!  Perhaps they all fell out early given the rain hence the mass supply.  Hmmm… any discounts for bulk purchases?

On other fronts, this was a really bittersweet week. First week easing into domestic-mom-life with our live-in helper and my last week in the office prior to maternity leave amidst an ongoing reorg. The “J” in me questions the lack of concrete plans while my “P” is excited about the future ahead.