Month 2 milestones

J turns 2 months today!

He can:

  • Be comforted by our touch and familiar faces
  • Be quite the social butterfly with gurgles, ooohs, aaahs, ohhhs, awwws, even smiles
  • Actively engage in “conversation” and books, cooing and moving arms and legs in response
  • Suck his fists to soothe himself, at times spending minutes just discovering his fingers
  • Lift his shoulders briefly during tummy time
  • Lift his head briefly while seated (supported)
  • Stare intently, reaching out to bat or kick objects
  • Speaking of kicks, his legs are straightening out. He loves to lift them up in the air when he wakes from naps, during diaper changes and bath time! (I’m sure he’ll love the bigger 🛁 once he can sit up)
  • Nap well during the day and sleep a tad better overnight (4-6 hours longest stretch so far, but it’s still inconsistent)
  • Get quite fussy late evenings! So we’re slowly introducing a bedtime routine with lots of TLC

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