Last month at home

J is 7 months today! 👶🏻 🥰

After weeks of 🤤, his two bottom front teeth finally emerged! He’s eating semi solids and baby finger food like a champ 😋. He now combines strings of babble together, seems to understand common words like “妈妈, 抱抱, 公公, 洗手洗口, poo-poo, milk, bath, up.” He’s also super active — flips confidently, crawls in all directions, and even pulls up to stand … leading to a few scares lately! 😳

Above all, I’m blessed that he’s such a 开心果 as a friend affectionally calls him 😊. Though lately I’ve noticed some separation anxiety especially when our time together is limited to an early morning 😘 before I head to work. At bedtime, I still try to leave him drowsy but awake in the cot, but we snuggle just a little bit longer, and I linger in the room so that he knows I’m around…. So far thankfully, he is still able to self soothe and 😴 well overnight🤞.

He starts infant care very soon, and my heart is breaking a bit that we have to do this 😔. But it gives him the full time care needed and me flexibility and support in this season of work and family life 🙏

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