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Happy half birthday!

“All I want for Christmas is you…”

Baby J turned 6 months on Christmas Eve. We are so thankful to finally complete the adoption order and register his new birth certificate earlier this week! We were told this was a fast turnaround time, even though it felt like such a long process. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the other waiting and hopeful adoptive couples on this journey — we feel you, dear friends! ❤️

Other highlights:

  • He’s been loving the explosion of new tastes so far as we introduce solids 3x a day
  • He drinks milk and some water from his sippy cup
  • He comforts himself with an assortment of teethers, towels, his trusty thumbs, and oddly, wet wipes
  • He enjoys his sound books, playing peekaboo, finger songs and balls
  • His babbles are sounding more like speech, and he says a very clear and loud “MAAAAA!” when he’s really needy (hungry or wants to be held 😂 )
  • He rolls both ways, pulls up on his cot sides, scoots backwards … I see an active few months ahead!
  • He’s now 90% in height and weight at 68 cm and 9.05 kg 💪

We love you so much darling J! 💕

Month 6 Week 4: Halfway there

This time last year, we were chillaxing in Langkawi for our babymoon/anniversary and I was anticipating my new life with a baby. Not once though did I imagine I’d be a full time mom, let alone enjoy it, most of the time.  This year, we took a staycation at Sentosa – what a strange feeling to be babyfree for 24 hours!  We slept in, ate well and talked about our hopes and dreams for the future including the possibilities ahead of us now that both my parents have long term passes and I’ve received my in-principle Singapore citizenship, as well as when to start work and/or try for #2! 🙂   My dad and mom kindly babysat for us — and sent me regular SMS updates, heh.

B unfortunately caught his first bug which laid the entire household out sick for 2 weeks.  Just when he was sleeping through the night without too much hassle or training, it all went to shambles.  May need to tweak his daily routine to support later morning wake ups (he’s up 5/6a and ready to go, argh), him lasting longer in the afternoons and most importantly, learning to sleep on his own again.  At the moment, he still needs 3 naps in the day and sadly, rocking to drift to sleep, else, he’ll get quite cranky.  Besides this relapse, there’s much to be thankful for.  Feels like he’s growing by leaps and bounds every day:

– Proud owner of 2 bottom front teeth! 😀  Ironically, his first tooth came the day after his 6 month celeb
– Sitting steadily upright, rocking back and forth on his tummy, scoots backwards, moves in a circle with his legs and arms, basically can’t stay still. Crawling soon?
– Fascinated with his fingers, loves to touch, enjoys finger rhymes/games, being tickled esp on his feet and tummy.  Also continuing to learn basic baby sign language
– Loves swimming but our condo pool isn’t the best for infants. May sign him up for Aquaducks instead
– Goes to weekly playgroups now with similar aged infants from my condo complex and our local meet up groups. We take turns to host at our homes.  I’m looking forward to other parent and child activities for us too, including Reggio Emilia discovery at the Blue House.  Quite keen to expose him to this environment
– Saying consonant combo strings now:  babababa, googaa … still no mama though 😦
– Food purees tried so far: avocado, chicken, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, onions, potatoes, spinach, sweet beans, radish, apple, pear, blueberry, plum, mango, papaya, chickpeas, beetroot (not such a fan on the last two tho!)
– Started weaning.  50% mommy, 50% formula milk now. Ahhh… it’s really quite manageable now, though I will still try to gradually decrease (vs cold turkey!)

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